research 5 states based on 15 pieces of information 1

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i) Real GDP (in US$) since this is for a state it is called Gross State Product ii) Size of Population (in millions) iii) Labor Force (in millions) iv) Per Capita income (in US$) v) Unemployment rate (percentage) vi) People below poverty level (percentage) vii) Consumer Price Index (CPI). viii) Top 3 occupations with the most people employed and their average yearly salaries. ix) Top 3 occupation with the highest salaries and their average yearly salaries. x) % of population 25 years or higher with a Bachelors degree or higher (percentage) xi) Median home price (in US$) xii) Home ownership rates (percentage) xiii) Violent Crime Rate (per 100,000 inhabitants) xiv) % of people not covered by Health Insurance (percentage) xv) Households with internet access (percentage)

All this data should be represented on 1 page in an excel spread sheet.

Second part is to:

Compare and contrast the 5 states you have chosen. Provide an economic argument and rationale for choosing one of the 5 states in your group that you would prefer to live and work in? Use the data on the above 15 variables collected by you to write a paper on how the 5 states compare to each other and which of these states would you rather live and work in. You are free to use any additional information you want. Include the above Excel data spreadsheet with all the data in your report.
(3 pages)

Complete steps is attached. Mainline is research 5 states and create a chart based on the 15 information. Then a 3 page paper comparing and contrasting the 5 states.

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