project of hotel s analyzation

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Part-1: Background (with a proper title page)

  • Overview (a short paragraph)
  • Purpose or need served.Examples:
  • Performance evaluation and feedback
  • Employee training or new hire orientation
  • Recruitment or Hiring
  • Workplace Safety improvement
  • Justification or Rationale. Why this document is needed, and how it is appropriate and adequate for meeting the need.
  • Preparation. Explain how your prior knowledge and experience (e.g., course work, previous employment) are relevant here. Describe what you have done to gain the knowledge or expertise specifically needed to do this project.Typical preparation include research, consulting with people with relevant experience, reviewing similar work done by others, or examining comparable items from other organizations.Give proper details.
  • Benefits. Explain how your project will benefit the organization/managers/employees.

Part-2: Your “Product” (a Guide, Handbook, or a Manual etc.; a separate title page)

This is the specific item you have created. It should be a stand-alone document with its own cover page, and its own page numbering—do not number the cover page. (You should state clearly how it is to be used, and who needs to do what.)

Please use my documents below as references. The “Feasibility study” doc is from my friend, he took the internship class before and you could see how it works.

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