The Norton Anthology of World Literature Shorter Third Edition analytical paper English homework help

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Oedipus and Inferno Topics & Guidelines

Due: March 8th

Choose one of the following topics below for your analytical paper. In order to construct a sound thesis statement, you need to utilize both Oedipus and/or the Inferno, along with your topic.

  1. Divine Justice
  2. Fate
  3. Suffering


4 pages in length, not including Works Cited page.

Essay includes the required primary sources and one appropriate secondary source.

In-text citations follow MLA guidelines including signal phrases, and correspond to the Works Cited.

The Works Cited follows MLA guidelines, and corresponds to the in-text citations.

Clear attempts to credit all outside sources and knowledge, with no more than 10% of “plagiarized” information according to the SafeAssign report.

Essay observes MLA document format and layout as follows:

  • White paper/black print
  • Font: Times New Roman; 12 pt.
  • Centered essay title
  • No title page
  • One inch margins
  • Essay is double spaced
  • Running header on right side (last name & page #)
  • Paragraph indentations of ½”
  • No extra space between paragraphs; No unnecessary bolds or italics

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