Court Composition and Lifetime Appointment political science homework help

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Court Composition and Lifetime Appointment

Court Composition and Lifetime Appointment

In recent years there has been a push to make the federal courts more diverse.

What are some of the factors that a president should consider as he presents his nominations for Senate confirmation?

Because women are the majority of the nation’s population, should they hold the majority of the seats on the Supreme Court? Why? Why not?

Also, should there be an age requirement for the Supreme Court justices to retire or should we continue to let them have a lifetime appointment if they desire? Explain your position.


Please make sure that you respond to all the points in the discussion topic above by the due date listed on the calendar and weekly schedule.

Your original response reply must be AT LEAST 250 words. Please review your work before you click to post AND save a copy of your original post off line just in case you experience technical problems.

You MUST respond to at least two of your classmate’s original responses in order to receive full credit for completing the discussion.

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