political science question 100

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The Congressional Contact Assignment

You will write a letter to your Representative in Congress and deliver it to the Congress member electronically or through traditional mail. If you get a reply before the end of the semester, please share it with the class in the General Questions & Comments discussion forum.

Brief Description:

This assignment allows you to interact with your Representative in Congress and his/her staff. Choose a current national political issue that is important to you and write a letter to your Representative in the House in which you explain your position on the issue and ask for his/her support. Make sure to address the Representative in proper form, with the letter in proper format. Also, fully explain the issue and be specific in what you are asking the Congress member to do.

Use the website below to find your Representative.


Please submit your letter as an attached document. If you have any technical difficulties with the submission process please contact the helpdesk immediately at 727-341-HELP.

  • The letter should express your opinion on a current political topic
  • The letter should elicit support from the member of Congress
  • The letter should include at least one reference to a recent newspaper article that discusses the issue chosen
  • Your letter must be at least 300 words. If references are used you must list referenced materials in APA citation style format for full and parenthetical citations.

You must submit a copy of the letter into the assignment drop box before the due date/time.

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