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Help with book review for  Livermore, David. Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to Success. 2nd ed. New York: AMACOM, 2015. ISBN: 9780814449189 

GLST 650

Book Application Assignment Instructions


You will be required to complete a total of 3 Book Applications in the current Turabian format. The purpose of these papers is for you to apply the content of the book(s) to a current or future ministry context. Following the purpose of the course, each book application paper assignment will challenge and deepen your understanding of how to engage in appropriate
Christian intercultural communication to fulfill the Great Commission.


Key items to include in this assignment are outlined as follows:

· Each book application paper must be a minimum of 1,200 words.

· You must give a critical review of the book’s content and thesis in 200-300 words. Focus on why you did and/or did not appreciate the book’s content and thesis with suggestions if appropriate.

· You will be required to do five discussions on 5 references (or “lessons”) of how to engage in appropriate and effective
Christian intercultural communication.

· Especially for the five discussions, consider how this may affect your current/future ministry.

· Make sure to provide all citations.

· Format the assignment following Turabian format with cover page, contents page, paper with an outline, bibliography, and a strong introduction and conclusion.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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