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1. Neurons connect together at a ______.

A. Synergy 
B. Terminal site 
C. Docking station 
D. Synapse

2. Which of the following is another word for the kneecap in the human body?

A. Pisiform 
B. Meniscus 
C. Popliteal bursa 
D. Patella

3. Which of the following describes the shoulder joint

A. Ball and socket joint 
B. Saddle joint 
C. Hinge joint 
D. Pivot joint

4. The organ of Corti is found in what area of the body?

A. Mouth 
B. Ear 
C. Nose 
D. Lungs

5. The condition of rickets is associated with a deficiency in which vitamin?

A. A 
B. C 
C. D 
D. Z

6. A steroid is considered a ______.

A. Lipid 
B. Protein 
C. Enzyme 
D. Weak acid

7. The X cranial nerve is the ____ nerve.

A. Abducens 
B. Hypoglossal 
C. Facial 
D. Vagus

8. Which of the following pH ranges is a strong base?

A. 1.3-2.0 
B. 4.5-5.2 
C. 7.1-9.0 
D. 11.2-12.0

9. Which chamber of the heart pumps blood to the systemic circulation?

A. Left Atrium 
B. Right Atrium 
C. Left Ventricle 
D. Right Ventricle

10. Which of the following formulas indicates Newton’s second law of motion?

A. F = ma 
B. F = mva 
C. v = d/t 
D. p = mv

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