Intro to Statistics Quantitative Data Discussion

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Center and Spread of the Quantitative Data – Collect 10-20 pieces of quantitative data and find the mean, variance, standard deviation, and five number summary. 

Explain the importance of this data, what you find interesting about the data, and why the public should know. 

Ask a question like, “On the average, how many hours are you on the computer each week?” or “On the average, how many e-mails do you get each week from all of your mailboxes combined?” or “How many miles do you drive to work?” or “How many pets do you have?” 

 Describe the population and sample. 

Then graph the data (dotplot, stemplot, histogram, frequency polygon, scatterplot, time series graph, pie graph, and Pareto chart). 

-pick one graph that bests shows the data.

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