below is the discussion 1 3 and paper requirements

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Discussion 1;
Expert Testimony
Discuss the differences between the Frye standard and the Daubert test
as they relate to the admission of expert testimony. Which of the two
legal standards will be most relevant to experts testifying about the
collection, preservation, and definition of forensic evidence?

Discussion 2;
Examining Witnesses at Trial
Explain the differences in the purposes and types of questions allowed
when examining witnesses at trial: direct examination,
cross-examination, and redirect examination. What limitations are
placed on redirect examination? Should there be different rules for
the ways in which witnesses are examined by either party to a criminal

Discussion 3:Hearsay”
Why, as a general rule, is “hearsay” not admissible in a court of law?
Provide the definition of hearsay in your response and examine at
least one exception to the hearsay rule. Should there be exceptions to
the hearsay rule?

Write a three- to five-page paper (exclusive of the APA title and
reference pages) analyzing the legal standard of relevance. How is
relevant evidence defined? Does the rule call for the inclusion or
exclusion of most evidence based upon the wording of the rule? Present
examples of evidence that would be both relevant and irrelevant for a
crime of your choosing. Where possible, support your opinions with
case law from outside scholarly sources.

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