educational software review

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This activity will give you an opportunity to become familiar with and read reviews of educational software, many of which utilize multimedia. Use the resources below to gather information about some of the multimedia titles many produced by commercial publishers. However, you may also find freeware and shareware software within some of these links.Identify ones that you think might be of interest to you.You are encouraged to select titles that you can download trial versions or even some of the shareware or freeware to try out.Once you’ve had the opportunity to try some of the titles and read some of the reviews provided on these sites, write a critique of three that you found most interesting.Use the following criteria and steps to help you complete this assignment. – provides links to many Educational Software Resources

– provides links to many Educational Software Reviews

– reviews by educators for educators

Provide the Title, Publisher, and location where one could find each title you’ve chosen to critique.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each title in the following;

Multimedia Features: what different multimedia elements does the title include?

Interactive Features: what forms of learner interactivity are provided?

Pedagogical Approach: describe what you think the philosophical approach might be of this title (i.e. constructivist, objectivist, etc.)

Generative Theory of Multimedia Learning: does the title seem to follow good design elements (i.e. contiguity principle and limiting cognitive overload).

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