Health Care and Life Sciences

Topic: Any topic (writer’s choice)

Type of paper: Research proposal

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Public Health

Format or citation style: APA

Qualitative research proposal as described in the file attached . you can see the file to find exact instruction about qualitative research proposal .

I need a qualitative research proposal on some public health topic according to the instruction in paper

Method    Focus
Sample Size    Data Collection
Ethnography    Context or culture    —    Observation & interviews
Narrative    Individual experience & sequence    1 to 2    Stories from individuals & documents
Phenomenological    People who have experienced a phenomenon    5 to 25    Interviews
Grounded Theory    Develop a theory from grounded in field data    20 to 60    Interviews, then open and axial coding
Case Study    Organization, entity, individual, or event    —    Interviews, documents, reports, observations

these are 5 types of research approaches in qualitative study which one is this

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