HCCC Development of Film Lumiere Brothers and Thomas Edison Discussion

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1. Describe the main difference between the subject matter in films of the Lumiere Brothers and Thomas Edison. How were the films viewed?

2. Describe the main difference between the cameras used by Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers. What were the cameras called?

3. Describe the new scientific innovation and world event that influenced the art movement known as “German Expressionism.”

4. Describe the special effects used by George Melies and what were some of his contributions to this new art form.

5. Describe some contributions of Edwin S. Porter as seen in his film The Great Train Robbery.

6. Discuss five positive contributions to filmmaking by the director D.W. Griffith.

7. Why is D.W. Griffiths’s film, Birth of a Nation, considered a racist film?

8. Edison saw his filmmaking as an accessory to one of his earlier inventions. What was it and how were they supposed to work together? Why did it fail?

9. Discuss some of the visual effects used in the film Nosferatu.

10. What was a limitation of George Melies’s style of filmmaking?

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