Have to write an executive summary for my Business of Sports and the Media class

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Students will begin the final project process by individually preparing an executive summary on the current streaming marketplace, the current industry players, their current sports content activity as well as consumer segmentation. Some themes you should consider in your executive summary.

●Summarize the existing streaming marketplace in terms of users, providers, revenues, growth rates and consumer segmentation

●Summarize, in depth, each existing streaming platform in terms of their user base, their revenues, growth rates and their content portfolio

●Identify the competitive advantages of streaming platforms vs. traditional linear platforms

●Summarize the existing sports media marketplace as defined in our class discussion and through your own research

○Include information on current digital sports content consumption trends

●Utilize secondary market research data, trade press, consumer press and business press to support the premise that streaming platforms should invest in sports to grow their businesses. Your research should include, but not be limited to:

○PwC Beyond the Gate report

PwC Streaming Shakeup report

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