Have to know what social construction is

Social Construction Paper. Have to know what social construction is

Fresh off the Boat Season 2, Episode 6

Give an example from the episode that depicts differing second-order realities and articulate the discrepancies between them, related to the first-order reality. Then use those differing meanings, examples from the show, lecture notes, and/or the readings to explain social construction. Your essay should describe (using examples from the show) how social construction occurs through small interactions and connect those interactions to their consequences. Your essay should be roughly 500 words (no more than 750), include a central thesis that answers the prompt and is defended by examples and quotes from the show. Grades are awarded based on clarity of argument, comprehension of course concepts, and depth of insight. See the following rubric:

Articulates a clear argument, including a thesis and examples from the show /4
Clearly demonstrates understanding of course concept /3
Provides unique insight/goes beyond surface explanations to analysis

Aka the “oh daaaaang” factor

Submits a clean paper that covers all requirements (grammar, word count, etc.) /1

A papers should . . . .

  • Articulate both the first and second order realities occurring
  • Use specific examples/quotes from the episode
  • Draw on class materials to explain the course concept (social construction)
  • Make a unique or creative argument that is well-defended

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