Has an awareness of the problem of implementation been addressed

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This week, you will work on drafting Part 6, Solution and Its Implementation, of your Course Project. This will be submitted in Week 7.

This segment should outline your recommended solution to the identified benefit issue. The solution will be one or a combination of the alternatives listed in Part 5. It should be specific, stating which benefit plans are recommended, the timing for implementation, and in what sequence they will be implemented. It includes not only what should be done but also how it should be done. A specific solution should indicate which benefit is most appropriate for the issue and how it will be implemented in the organization.

Some key points to keep in mind when writing the solution section should include the following:

  1. Has an awareness of the problem of implementation been addressed?
  2. Have you been too general?
  3. Do the solution and implementation address the issues identified earlier?
  4. Does your solution take into account the identified pros and cons?
  5. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented benefit plan?
  6. What process checks or procedures will you put in place to institutionalize the improvement?
  7. Was the realism of your proposed action plan assessed? For example, are there adequate time, money, and other resources for your solution?

This week, you will complete your Course Project. Parts 6, 7, and 8 are due. This section should be approximately seven to 10 pages in length and submitted in APA format with appropriate references. Please see the grading rubric in the Course Project Overview page in Introduction & Resources. Week 6 was done last week. Parts 7 and 8 will be finalized and submitted with Part 6.

Part 7: Justification: This section of your analysis should, using course knowledge and concepts, tell why your solution and implementation would work. A major objective is to clearly show how you are applying course concepts and content to arrive at a workable solution and implementation to the issue identified. Some questions to ask when writing your justification segment include the following:

  • Have I applied the appropriate course material?
  • Do I support my conclusions and recommendations with appropriately referenced facts, quotes, readings, and class activities?
  • Does my justification recognize the pros and cons identified earlier?

Part 8: Reflection: Think about this assignment and write a well-thought-out reflection statement about how this assignment influenced your thinking about benefits.

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