Hadoop Lab

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Chapter 10 Lab – Hadoop Lab

Deadline: March 21


The purpose of this lab is to learn about Hadoop

Overall Description

Start with the lecture slides. Do a little research on hadoop. Start here: http://hadoopilluminated.com/hadoop_illuminated/


A written opinion paper on Hadoop. Answer the following questions:

  • -What is Hadoop?
    • How does it work?
    • Make sure that you describe how HDFS and Map Reduce work together
  • -Why is it different from “traditional” database storage solutions?
  • -How does HBase work with HDFS?
  • -How does MapReduce work?
  • -What is the coolest thing you found out about Hadoop?

Two page, single spaced, calibiri size 11 font or similar.


Item Worth how many points
Each question 20
Total points 100

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