GSU Decision Making Process & Management of An Organization Questions

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I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

1.Imagine that you are the manager in charge of a company negotiating a joint venture with the Chinese government. Discuss how your understanding of the decision-making process can help you through the negotiation process and the concessions that you might be willing to make during negotiations. What are some of your main cultural concerns in the negotiations, and what are some of the Chinese concerns about negotiating with you? 

2.Understanding that negotiation is really a decision-making process is key and it is also key to go into negotiation really understanding what needs to be gained out of it. In our lesson, Deresky states that the Chinese like to ask many questions, so it would be important before going into negotiation with this culture that a plan is made out before-hand of any possible questions they may ask and have those answers ready.

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