Group therapy proposal assignment

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Group therapy proposal assignment  

Group Therapy Proposal Assignment.

Problem here: Depression

Introduction (1 – 2 pages)

• Purpose

o What is the problem that needs to be addressed?

o Why does this problem need to be addressed?

• Rationale

o Justify the use of a group format to address the issue

Brief Literature Review (2-3 pages)

• Provide a brief overview of the professional literature on the subject of interest and address the use of groups with the subject of interest or similar subjects

Target Population (1 – 2 pages)

• How will participants be recruited?

• How will participants be screened?

• What are the criteria for inclusion and exclusion from the group? Why?

• What are some of the potential risks or special considerations associated with doing group therapy with this population? How will you manage the risk?

Group Type (1- 2 pages)

• What group format will be employed (i.e. training, therapy, support, self-growth, educational)? Why?

• What are the group logistics (session length, frequency of meetings, cost, etc.)?

• What are the location requirements?

• Where will the group be conducted?

• What materials are required?

• What are the requirements for attendance?

• Is the group open or closed?

Group Orientation (2 – 3 pages)

• What theoretical orientation will form the basis for your interventions?

o Consider an orientation grounded in a family therapy modality

o Feel free to incorporate other group theories

• Justify the use of the orientation

o How will the participants benefit?

• Identify and describe at least two specific group interventions that will be used during the group.

General Overview of the Group (1 – 2 pages)

• May be in outline format

• Provide a meeting-by-meeting breakdown of the session goals or focus

• Provide a very brief (1-2 sentences) explanation of how each session will be designed to meet the identified goals

• Overall, the session goals should represent a clearly thought-out progression and should be related to one another and the purpose of the group

Prepare a brief (5-10 minutes) verbal presentation of your proposal to the class during the final weekend session of class—Please do separate power points here in addition to the above…

5-6 references to both the PPT and the above work

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