Group Presentation:

I have attached the reading required for this presentation and the presentation’s instructions. All in separate Word files. The reading is, Simpsons.

I will attach reading on selection

Group Presentation:

This is your opportunity to bring some of your own flair to the content we’re discussing in class. You will be assigned to groups of four during the first few weeks of class. Your group will then be assigned to a class date and reading. Your group will need to identify a current event example from a reputable news source (i.e. New York Times, etc.) that is representative of the content of your assigned reading. You will then prepare a 15-20 minute presentation explaining your event, its connection to the reading for that day, and its broader implications for the field of intercultural communication.

Your group will also prepare a set of discussion questions based on your assigned

reading and you will lead a 10-minute discussion with the class.

Each group will present at the beginning of class on their assigned day. At the beginning of the presentation, you will turn in a typed list of questions and a copy of the article/current event you chose. Please be aware that I have high expectations for these presentations. This is not an assignment where standing in front of the class and reading off a power point will be considered successful. You must be creative and find ways to engage the class deeply in your presentation content. In order to best support you in this, prior to any group presentations, I will be providing an in-class workshop on effective presentation strategies as well as skill development opportunities for public speaking. A grading rubric for the presentation will be distributed the day of the workshop.

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