Group Exercise Strategy in the Global Environment Worksheet

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CROSSWORD CLUES (Numbers in brackets = number of letters in the word):


3 Benefits of foreign direct _________ to countries include jobs, economic growth, and

better quality products. (10)

7 Firms lacking capital to increase manufacturing capacity for foreign markets can

_______ their technology to other companies for royalties. (7)

8 A locally __________ strategy varies product/service by country to accommodate

different customer preferences. (10)

10 The “O” dimension in the OIL or OLI framework – advantages such as product,

technology, brand. (9)

11 High transportation costs can make this mode of foreign entry uneconomical. (6)

12 With markets and industries becoming global, firms face threats from both domestic

and foreign ___________ (11)


1 One of the attributes that determine National Competitive Advantage – an ecosystem

of related and supporting __________ (10).

2 A joint _______ is an equity partnership between firms to share capabilities and risks

in regard to foreign direct investment. (7)

4 A key motivation for global expansion is to realize _________ of scale from global

demand. (9)

5 In the last three decades, ________ to international trade and investment have

dramatically declined. (8)

6 A strategy that aims to simultaneously achieve global standardization and local

responsiveness across geographic markets. (13)

9 The nature of domestic _______ is a key attribute in the creation of world class

companies. (7)

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