Government and Market Failure

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Part 1

two-part question: Why is government needed and how much should it do?

1.Meet minimum word length of 300 words.

2.Single-space; 12-point font; reasonably free of typographical errors

3.Other formatting requirements: Do NOT write one single block of text; use separate paragraphs for each main point you make.

Part 2

Imagine you are writing an email to a friend or relative who believes very strongly in the power and effectiveness of markets to address and solve all of the issues and problems society’s face. Your job is to convince your friend that, while markets are great, they cannot do everything, including some very important things. And, it is because they cannot do everything, government is necessary. NOTE. YOU MUST FORMAT THIS ESSAY AS A LETTER! Video below:

Of course, you must incorporate a discussion of market failures into your essay.

1.Your essay must clearly reflect the readings and video, but you are also expected to go beyond the assigned materials.

2.Specifically, you are required to find at least ONE article or video on market failure on your own, and to incorporate material from that source into your essay. This source must be clearly and obviously incorporated into your response.

3.You must following specific formatting requirement: Single-space; 12-point font; reasonably free of typographical errors

4.Your essay must be at least 350 words.

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