Golden West College Management Exploration of Social Media Platforms Using Multicriteria Paper

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Read the following article that assesses different social media platforms: The Exploration of Social Media Platforms Using Multicriteria Assessment Method (AHP) to Improve Organizational Performance

Companies must embrace the full potential of a digital environment, providing tools that empower team members to execute job tasks with a higher degree of knowledge and sociotechnical processes. This advanced level of human–computer interaction begins with examining the inherent characteristics of a robust sociotechnical system. Sociotechnical system design requires careful analysis in determining what is needed to fulfill the human–computer interaction.

Creating an interaction process that empowers organizational cultures to embrace technical utilization in daily tasks is the focus of this learning. Companies use an abundance of technical processes and systems to efficiently execute daily work tasks. A formula of success will embrace the basic needs for people to be motivated and create sense and meaning in all they do.

Based on your research and experience, please respond to the following questions:

  • What 2 social or professional media sites (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, and Instagram) would you recommend? Briefly describe your selected platforms.
  • Compare and contrast one platform versus the other to determine strengths and weaknesses and pros and cons for each platform based on your research and experience.
  • How could the introduction of these technologies in a company impact diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?

Include a minimum of 3 references and corresponding citations in your Individual Project each week.

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