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In today’s economy, Business Communication has changed. No longer are your customers, co-workers, or even your immediate supervisor located in the same city or state you are located in. Technology has advanced so that your Director maybe located in Japan, you may be housed in the United States and your customers and/or co-workers may live in Spain. To be competitive in today’s market, you must be able to communicate by using technology as well as understand how to communicate with other cultures.


Due to an increase in immigration, global business competition, and advances in technology have changed, how should colleges and universities prepare students to meet these challenges? What courses do you think should be required for all students? How can students take the initiative to increase their cultural awareness?

Work Task:

In this assignment you are to use “Discussion Board” to communicate with your classmates. Additionally, you are to read at least one of your classmates responses and post comments to their postings. To do this you simply click on the link to the left of their name, then click ‘reply’. To complete this assignment, click on the “Discussion Board,” then click on the highlighted label “Global Business Opportunity”. A text box will appear and just type in your information. Be sure to type in a title in the “Title box” and follow the instructions written under “Work Task”.Read the Scenario above. You are to respond with your answer along with justification to back your opinion. To add your response to your classmate, you simply click on the “add a new discussion topic”. Give your response a title and then type in your response in the text/comment box provided.


“Team Work is the Essence to Success.”

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