Girls of Tomorrow

E7J1: Girls of Tomorrow


The co-protagonist and hero of Snow Crash is Y.T. or Yours Truly, a 15-year-old skater girl. In general, teens are often for technologically capable than adults. Beginning with millennials, kids are now raised with mobile computing devices, and learn in preschool with touch screens and swiping. Inevitably the future will bring more powerful computing in even smaller devices. Stereotypes continue to represent girls as less interested in technology, but of this gender difference stems (Pun intend) from sexist corporate structures in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Girls are as capable if not more capable than boys if given the chance, but girlhood continues to be fraught with vulnerabilities as teens are prey to predatory men who use the Internet as a cover for these criminal activities. For this journal reflect on the future as you see it for teenage girls. What does technology and cyberspace have waiting for them as they mature into women or possibly feminized cyborgs? (150-200 words).

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