GERM 1171 University of Connecticut Victoria by Sebastian Schipper Film Discussion

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VIEWING QUESTIONS (your observations are not to be submitted; these questions help you focus and may inspire your contributions to the discussion and then your written film analysis):

  • Form: ONE single take for 138 minutes.
  • Lighting: Why so many dark shots / shots in the dark?
  • Development of Victoria? Why does she play along?
  • Group/gang that Victoria has started to hang out with. Culture/subculture? What do they do?
  • Narrative structure? It almost feels as if the movie has two parts:
    • Mood of the film in the first half: Love story?
    • Mood of the film in the second half: Thriller / gangster movie?
  • Gangster movie? List what the incompetent “gangsters” do wrong compared to heroes in a “gangster movie”/thriller?

Characters: Victoria (title character; Sonne (guy with whom Victoria flirts); Boxer (gang leader); Blinker (one of the gang); Fuss (drunken kid)


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