GEB 6860 Rasmussen University Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

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Assess the impact of an organization’s strategies, tactics, and ethics on its competitive advantage and sustainability.

Student Success Criteria

View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.


You have just received a promotion to Chief Sustainability Officer for TFord Incorporate. Recently, the company was fined for engaging with suppliers and vendors that did not employ ethical and environmentally sound practices. Your first task is to create part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan dealing with supplier and vendor relationship management.


In Microsoft Word, create the section of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan that will contain a synopsis of how TFord can reassess the impact of their supplier and vendor strategies, tactics, and ethics on their competitive advantage and sustainability.

Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan should include:

An introduction to the company’s new supplier and vendor relationship philosophy

An explanation of how TFord can use CSR in their supplier and vendor relationship strategies

An explanation of how TFord can use ethical practices in their business relationships with suppliers and vendors

A recommendation for how TFord can optimize the triple bottom line to support their competitive advantage and sustainability practices for suppliers and vendor management


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