Gate management.

For this assignment, you will complete an annotated bibliography similar to the annotated bibliographies in previous modules; however, you will locate two videos as source information. The videos you use must be about the same topic.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment – Video Critique

Choose one of the topic options. Locate and evaluate two separate videos (YouTube or a similar video-sharing website) about the topic. You are encouraged to utilize the Hunt Library Video databases (Links to an external site.) to retrieve your videos.

Similar to what you have done in the previous annotated bibliography assignments, critically assess each video with regard to content and develop an annotated bibliography for each video. Because the video you select will be about the same topic, you must also include a compare/contrast assessment in your annotation.

View each video thoroughly and identify the main issues, evaluate the effectiveness of the topics concerning others, and determine the validity of the conclusions presented by the author/producer. The information you identify, evaluate, and examine will serve as the annotation component of your annotated bibliography. Use the annotated bibliography sample and template to develop your assignment.

Refer to your APA Manual for correct formatting of audio-visual media references.

Topic Options

Choose one of these topics and find two videos about the topic for your annotated bibliography.

  • Gate management.
  • Ground support and personnel equipment.
  • Aircraft catering.
  • Aircraft fueling.
  • Potable water.
  • Lavatory servicing
  • Special needs equipment.
  • Jetbridge operations.
  • Interior cleaning.
  • Fumigation/disinsection.
  • Baggage and cargo handling.
  • Hazardous goods handling.
  • Aircraft de-icing.

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