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 1.An imbalance of secretions can lead to GI issues.  Which of these blocks the function of parietal cells?(1 Point)GastrinEndoscopyHistaminePPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors)

2.This disease is caused by pathological changes in the wall of the colon and predisposes to colon cancer. (1 Point)Esophageal varicesDyspepsiaCrohn’s diseaseUlcerative Colitis

3.What is cirrhosis and how does it develop? What are four potential detrimental effects that can result from cirrhosis? How does each of these affect a patient systemically?
(1 Point)

 4.Upper GI events may look similar to cardiac chest pain. Acute coronary events need to be ruled out, first. List at least three clinician questions if nausea or vomiting is involved in a GI issue.(1 Point)

5.Dysfunction of any of the upper GI organs can lead to malnutrition and dehydration. What is the major risk factor for upper GI issues?(1 Point)

6.This is a side effect of medications and is the most common GI complaint in adults.(1 Point)


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