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Use the attached course material to support your ideas.

Please cite sources.


Frito-Lay NorthAmerica: TheMakingOfANet ZeroSnackChip,HBSPUV2025(15pgs)

Course Material

Reducing the carbon footprint is of utmost importance for any company trying to reach a sustainable business model. Apply the knowledge acquired in Lesson 2 about how to conduct a Corporate Carbon Footprint Analysis, including the use of spreadsheets, to the Frito-Lay case.


For the Casa Grande facility, calculate the metric tons of emissions of greenhouse gases from electricity and natural gas usage for 2007. (Hint: pay close attention to units when applying emissions factors.) Project the estimated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and operating cost savings that will result from the proposed net zero project in 2008. (Assume that all equipment upgrades are made immediately at the start of 2008.)

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