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Franklin & Higginbotham: From Slavery to Freedom, A History of African Americans, 9ed,

Chapters 7 to 9.



Discuss the various means by which slaves resisted the slave system.

a.How widespread was such resistance?

b-What were the most common and effective tactics?

c.What does the prevalence of resistance reveal not only about slaves’ attitude

toward slavery but also their ability to shape the conditions under which theylived and worked?

2.The northern states were often referred to as “free states.” Assess the validity of thisappellation.

a.How free were African Americans in the North?

b.What restrictions were placed on their civil and political rights?

c.How did those restrictions vary from region to region in the North?

3.Describe how the Underground Railroad functioned and assess its significance.

a.How grave a threat did it pose to system of slavery?

b.Did it free as many slaves as its lasting fame would suggest, or was its

importance more symbolic than tangible?

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