framing Asian stereotypes

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In this class we are framing Asian stereotypes through the concept of Orientalism.

  • Before this class, what was your opinion regarding the term “Oriental?”
  • What connotations does the term have for you? That is, when you see or hear the term being used, what do you think?
  • Consider the 6 faces of the Oriental, as discussed in the assigned reading. Please discuss a specific Asian character you’ve seen that can be characterized by one of the specific “faces”
  • Pollutant – An Oriental’s presence “pollutes” society
  • Coolie – An Oriental’s work ethic is dehumanied
  • Deviant – An Oriental’s culture is viewed as abnormal
  • Yellow Peril – Orientals intend to take over society
  • Model Minority – Quiet, industrious Orientals are a model for other minority groups.
  • Gook – During war, Orientals are untrustworthy and can kill without the need of fancy weaponry.

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