Fix to make sense make it power writing and make conlsuion finish strong with what u get from this thanks feel free to reword to make sound better or kinda change

Fix to make sense make it power writing and make conlsuion finish strong with what u get from this thanks feel free to reword to make sound better or kinda change

Sitting here at working with a thousand thoughts racing through my head, a thousand all at once the fact that there so much in this world that goes on and its viewed as normal or wrong is unacceptable. My name is maria Elda I grew up with a one hundred percent Mexican family both different social class with different ways of living. Let’s open the door my dad part of my family starting with my grandmother, I was outside waiting at my high school to be picked my grandmother finally arrived in her Range Rover happily I got in the car when she tells me your driving, I was nervous but took the chance. My grandmother told me the reason why she was letting me drive was because she wished someone gave her the same chance when she was younger, when she married her husband believed that women shouldn’t drive they didn’t need to because her job was to stay at home take care of the kids and do the house duties, when she needed something he would drive her around. It helps me understand where my dad gets some of his stereotypes from, one of the many that I could mention is the way he views his son’s vs his daughters the sons have no crewfew, get cars at an early age, allowed to have girlfriends when on the other side the daughter including me could never date, never have a car till this day, not allowed to go out much except when stepmom sweet talks him for us. This has always made me upset and I could honestly say this way of living throughout my childhood molded me to be used to this way of living, for example I see many girls go out and be young yet I like to stay home if I go out twenty minutes later I’m already taking an uber home, I forgot to have fun and I don’t know how because I was never allowed to. I recently went out with a group of girl and realized that I just had to let go of the old household rules and break that have fun but also be responsible at the same time. Moving forward we live in this word where men can’t cry, women shouldn’t spit on the floor because it seen as manly.


Feminism is the approach to issues concerning equality of gender oriented subjects such as identity, sex, expression and sexuality as seen through the disciplines of sociology and politics.  Feminism seeks to eliminate the impression that the world has gone through that focuses on the oppression based on gender, class and race. It is not just about women as the world has tried to perceive. It takes in all genders and areas of life. In Bell Hook’s text ‘Feminism is for everyone’ the focus on feminism has been on the need for women to identify with their existence and her self-defining power without living behind the male gender


The movement aims to ensure that the place of women in the family is vital for the healthy growth of children and their families to be positioned to live in an equal world where women and men have equal pay and positions in the work place. The movement takes into considerations both genders because domination is not just directed towards women. Concerted efforts by all individuals both male and women will ensure that sexist oppression is eliminated. In my experiences I have encountered instances where women rights have been trampled on in their effort to diminish their position in the society.


In my workplace the leadership positions have been restructured to factor in women in the management that has been for a long time relegated to junior positions such that I now have female bosses. In an effort to ensure equality I have been denied my rights as a human being when I was treated in a manner suggesting my gender would not allow me to benefit from the services I was seeking. At this particular point I did not experience the benefit of the movement of feminism that is now gripping the world since the person that treated me in the negative manner was a female. Information and awareness is vital for everyone to take up a stand on this initiative.

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