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Internal struggle

I have an internal struggle in my mind when I begin to study in AAU that really makes me confused.

If I do my homework well in advance, I’ll to complete it. I can do my homework slowly and carefully. I will fix everything that makes me uncomfortable. But it will spend me too much time to do my homework. There is an example: If I decided to do my homework early. I usually eat something or listen to music while I am doing my homework. I will try to relax myself. Let me have a good state of myself. I think this way isn’t efficient. This way will waste me a lot of limited time, but I can’t control myself.

Teacher want us to do the homework early and slowly. They always say: “Take your time to do your homework.” sometimes I think I need do my homework early and slowly. Because it’s good for me also good for my grade. That is teacher happy to see. But sometimes I can’t do my homework early. Because I’m so lazy.

I can have a good mood if I do my homework early. I can do my homework not in a hurry. Last semester. I do my major class final early and slowly. Before the due day. I even can’t feel nervous. When everybody bustles about their final. I feel so good.

All in all, I think to do my homework early better than late. Our purpose in school is study. Spend time to do home work is our responsibility.

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