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the readings have discussed how a democracy requires thinking about how we treat each other, engage those with differing beliefs and values, and form relationships founded upon “unity in diversity” (hooks, 2003, p. 109). The readings raise two important challenges to political systems that we will be grappling with this semester:

  1. Negotiating differences to create a sense of shared community
  2. Addressing deep injustices that have made some people thrive at the direct expense of others

The question becomes: How do we create a society where differences can be valued and appreciated and where all people can flourish? This question is the foundation of social movements and communication scholarship targeted toward social change.

For this writing assignment, you will reflect on what are the barriers or opportunities for building “relationships that are more equal; less conditioned by economic, political, or social power; and more respectful of mutual humanity” (Keith and Danisch, 2020, p. 7). In other words, you will consider what are the current challenges for creating meaningful relationships founded upon difference, humility, and shared responsibility and what are some possibilities for addressing those challenges. In your paper, you should reflect on the following:

  1. The importance of communication and social change for democracy
  2. How communication and social change negotiate differences, create community, and address injustice

These are some big topics. Do not feel you need to have all the answers or approach this in any specific way. Think about how you are making sense of the readings and how they have helped you better understand democracy, communication, social change, social responsibility, etc.  If you are confused or would like me to look over your draft before you submit, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

The draft of these papers will be 2-3 pages double-spaced. You will revise these papers over the following two weeks expanding and nuancing the position you take in this paper. NOTE: This is just a draft, meaning view this as an opportunity to get your ideas on the page. THEN, as we read more and you have more discussions and lectures, you will be able to revise and polish your response.

This paper is one of the three you will write and revise throughout the semester. Your first draft will be 2-3 pages, whereas your final draft will be 3-4. Your first draft should include 2-3 citations from the class. Your final draft should include 4-5. You should cite your sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago format. Please see Canvas for links to citation guidelines. 


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