Finding a marriage material is similar to finding the desired car in life.

Draft Post #2
Finding a marriage material is similar to finding the desired car in life.
Most people will inspect its records, colors, chic designs, friendly
functions, energy saving, safety, etc. because you expect that it will be
a valuable car in the long run. And some people may just select certain
cars manufactured by brands because of its trustworthy reputations.
Also, the more you understand and take good care of the car, the less
likely it would be depreciated and raise your blood pressures
I know, it sounds ridiculous to compare your significant one to a car
because he/she is an exclusive, irreplaceable and unique creature in
the universe. My point is. However, people tend to stereotype others
by their looks, outfits, cars, and the most controversial – races and
cultures. Particularly on dating websites, “love-finders” can always
filter out or put down the race options to hunt or to be hunted.
Therefore, the cultural stereotype can be so judgmental that cause
huge mistakes and misunderstanding in life.
As being an Asian woman, I have received numbers of backhanded
comments online and in my American life, such like "Asian women look
ten years younger than their age." and " are you over 21 years old?".
Sometimes, it sounds aggressive like "what species will Chinese people
not eat?" and "Asian women are crazy drivers. Are you?" etc.
Sometimes, it is resentful when someone sent me discriminated and
rude words. None should be treated like that.
Possibly, under the influence of media and others descriptions,
American guys seemed more like self-centered, over muscular, gunlovers and party animals. And, in my mind, men with golden hair and
blue eyes are representatives of American males. I know it was biased
to think that way, but stereotyping is something programmed in the
brain. I could not help it, especially, when a strange knocked at your
"Windows" on the Internet and tried to say "HI."
One of the best ways to catch someone’s attention is to be creative.
After I was tired of reading a vast amount of dull and boring messages,
there was one interesting. "My bottom fell off. If you sew it back on the
shirt, I will cook you lunch." Then our conversations have started and
been going on and on. Although he is an American guy with blue eyes
and golden hair, I was glad that I tried to know him, instead of ignoring
him because of my ridiculous conventionalizing.
Besides, we have experienced unnecessary stereotypes from my
parents, relatives, and friends as well. On the wedding, the first time I
introduced him to my families. My parents were worried that he might beat me up because Hollywood movies brainwashed them. My uncles
and aunties were discussing how cute and smart the mixed babies are.
Some of my friends thought that Americans made plenty of money, so I
did not have to work. Stereotyping happens everywhere all the time
and can be bothersome. Less prejudice, more critical thinking and
understanding can eliminate unpleasant situations of bias and make
the peaceful world.

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