Final reflective summary

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Textbook Link: https://cloudflare- me=Ricky%20W.%20Griffin%2C%20Jean%20M.%20Phillips%2C%20Stanley%20M.%20Gully%2 0- %20Organizational%20Behavior_%20Managing%20People%20and%20Organizations%20%28 MindTap%20Course%20List%29-Cengage%20Learning%20%282019%29.pdf 


Compile an original essay of 3-5 pages in APA (7th edition) format that integrates what you have
learned in the course. This essay has to be unique

• BRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION (Use Cyber Risk Analyst) (3-4 sentences):
• How did your practicum experience change and/or reinforce your views and assumptions

about the course material relative to application and process?
• What have you learned during your practicum (on the job)?
• How have your abilities in this area changed?
• What more, if anything, to you want to learn?
• What benefits have you gained from your practicum in terms of your career and/or

personal goals?
• Please describe any other elements of your practicum experience you would like to

reflect upon.

Course Readings:

Individuals @

Introduction and
Individual Behavior & Decision-

Week 1:

Chapter 1: 1-1, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7a

Chapter 3, Chapter 4, & Chapter 8

Motivating Employees

Week 2

Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

Groups @ Work

Interpersonal Behavior &

Week 3

Chapter 7

Power, Politics, & Conflict

Week 4

Chapter 10 & 13

@ Work Leadership & Culture

Week 5

• Chapter 15

Week 6

• Chapter 14

Organizational Structures &

Week 7

• Chapter 16

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