fin350 quot mortgage markets quot and quot stock offerings quot

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Create an argument related to mortgage-back securities that either supports or does not support that the benefits outweigh the costs. Provide support for your argument.

From the first e-Activity, determine the best choice for you in today’s economic climate of either purchasing or refinancing a home. Support your response with details from fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. (Research the Internet or the Strayer Library to find a company that is considering an IPO.)

From the second e-Activity, consider your chosen company is pondering an IPO in the next six months. Develop a strategy for the chosen company to meet its stated objective. (Research the Internet or the Strayer Library to find a stock of your choice to determine if the stock is fairly valued. Be prepared to discuss.)  

Take a position on the following statement: Investors should avoid investing in any penny stock. Support your position with evidence or examples. 

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