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DISCUSSION POSTS: Pick any two interesting movies you’ve seen that are not discussed in Chapters 1 – 4 and write about them in two different posts.  For the first movie (post), write about what genre (define this word) you would say it belongs to and why (what are the characteristics of this genre, typically?). How does the film fit into or depart from it? | For the second movie, pickone of the following elements of narrative, define it,and talk about how it works specifically in the movie you’ve selected: a) story and plot; b) order; c) events; d) duration; e) suspense v. surprise; f) repetition; f) setting; h) scope. Again, ALWAYS DEFINE YOUR TERMS BEFORE YOU GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.  (Each post should be *at least* 100 words.)

Remember that you should write formally, albeit briefly. Include a thesis sentence, define terms, and support your observations with specific examples from the film 

Do not pick movies from the files I provide!!

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