Film Analysis for The Big Lewbowski

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Film- The Big Lebowski

Type Written, Double spaced, 12pt. Times new roman, 1” margin

Answer the following questions in a minimum of 2 full pages (maximum of 5) using complete sentences in essay form. Give explanations WITH EXAMPLES to help describe all details.

DO NOT PROVIDE A SUMMARY OF THE STORY, WE’VE ALREADY SEEN IT. DO NOT REVIEW THE FILM. Time spent summarizing the plot of the movie will not help your grade. Instead, please respond to ALL the following questions in the form of an essay. (A simple way to do this is to make each set of questions, below, its own paragraph. Please don’t include the question numbers in your paper.)

1. First, explain the difference between form and content in film. Then, select a scene and explain how the form reinforces the content. In this explanation discuss the idea of cinematic language and how it is utilized in the scene. For example, does the scene manipulate time and space? Second, when does it use parallel editing? How does the film use patterns? Give examples from specific scenes.

2. Explain the difference between explicit meaning and implicit meaning in film. Then, briefly summarize what the film is “about” explicitly, and in more detail, explain what the film is about implicitly. What do you think is the “underlying meaning” of the film? Make sure to support your claim what the films about implicitly with evidence from the film.

3. What is the film’s genre? Could it be considered more than one genre? How do you know? What were some of the conventions used? Is there anything innovated the film did in relation to it’s genre(s)? Meaning, did it do anything new or unique that you haven’t seen in other films of the same genre(s)?

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