Field Specific Project

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Field Specific Project

SPA 135

What is it?

The field specific project is a written assignment for the course. In this project, students should demonstrate knowledge of how to interact with patients/clients who are not native English speakers, and a basic understanding of 20 vocabulary words specific to their field of study.

The project consists of interviewing someone in the profession you are studying (for example: respiratory therapy, occupational therapy assistant, dental hygienist, nurse) and asking them about their experience working with non-native speakers Following the interview, students will summarize strategies for interacting with patients who are not native English speakers and develop a list of 20 frequently used vocabulary words for their field of study and the Spanish translation (for example, dental cavity : una caries). (Hint: you will want to ask the person you are interviewing for guidance on frequently used words). For the Spanish terms, use or an online resource in Spanish from your field (for example, the CDC en español). Do
NOT use Google Translate.

The field specific project is worth 10% of the final grade. The field specific project will be graded based on the quality of content (detailed interview summary, and relevant and accurate list of vocabulary). Papers should have at least 2-3 pages of interview summary/strategies for dealing will non-native speakers, plus one page for vocabulary list. Papers must state name and position title of the person interviewed as well as the date of the interview.
The main text of the essay is in English. The grading rubric can be found on D2L.


must be submitted as a Word Document or Google doc
(Word is available for free for all Del Tech students). Do not submit as a PDF!!

When is it due?

The field specific project must be submitted by

the end of Module 8 at 11:59pm
No late projects will be accepted. 

What should I do?

1. Seek someone to interview from your field of study.  It could be at a work setting, a family member or friend, or an instructor. Students should plan to spend approximately 15 minutes interviewing the person. The goal is to ask them about their experiences working with non-native speakers. What are the strategies they use to communicate? Are there any cultural factors they keep in mind?

2. Summarize the interview and highlight strategies for interacting with patients/clients who are not native English speakers.

3. Develop a list of 20 frequently used vocabulary words for your field of study and the Spanish translation.


 As a reminder, plagiarism of any kind
will not be tolerated. Students are expected to produce their own original content.

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