Family relations

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Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 2 (Marriage, chapters 3-5). Then answer

the following questions.

Follow the same format and instructions as on Assignment 1.

1. What do the authors say has changed in western mate selection? Pages


2. Summarize traditional mate selection, including the concepts of “bride price”

and “dowry” in many older cultures. Pages 50-51

3. What were the beginnings of romantic love in western society? Page 52

4. Explain the connection of three Greek words to four types of love

relationships. Pages 53-54

5. Explain why the “like marries like” theory is key to most marriage

relationships. Pages 54-55

6. Discuss the Bowens Family Systems Theory. Pages 55-56

7. Summarize other theories of mate selection. Pages 56-57

8. Summarize the authors’ discussion of “cohabitation” either as a path toward

or alternative to marriage. Pages 60-70 (Note: this answer should be longer

than most).

9. Discuss what constitutes marriage, and explain how Christians tend to see

God’s involvement in marriage. Pages 70-72

10. Discuss how the Christian community should respond to cohabiting couples.

Pages 72-74

11. What do the authors say about God’s Will? Think about and describe how

many people might mistakenly define “God’s Will.” Pages 75-77

12. Summarize factors that tend to predict marriage quality. Pages 78-79

13. How do you resolve issues of family origin before marriage? Pages 80-86

14. Explain differentiated unity as a solution to the dilemma of the modern

marriage. Pages 86-89

15. Discuss new roles in the marital dance (perichoresis mentioned earlier).

Pages 89-93

16. Summarize how you understand the authors’ model for biblical marriage.

Pages 94-107 (Note: this answer should be linger than most).

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