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In this section, you will begin your course project, which is to develop a business plan for a business, that is, the case study for the course.
  • Include a catchy introduction.
  • Provide a quality background to the company.
  • Explain the HR Strategy and PERSUADE the company to adopt it.
The total of these sections should be about 5 pages without title page and references page. Include at least two references this week
Please make sure to include the
HR strategy, culture, and choice of metric method.

Please see the attached template for better understanding it. I have to do this till week 2 only. So you have to just incorporate till week 2 submission in the template. Also grading rubric is attached. It goes without saying that the assignment will be posted on turnitin, so original work only. This is what our professor sent us this morning t
o get us started on the assignment.

I. Company Background

Motors and More, Inc. is a business-to-business sales company which manufactures small motors and accessories for industrial and home products. They are a highly competitive company that strives to be best in their industry. 

Motors and More Inc. currently has a staff of 116 employees.  They are located in a small southern town of 28,000 people were unemployment rate is 3.1 percent. While the demand of their product has increased, the employee turnover rate  has been higher than normal.

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