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Pick one of the items below for your Original Post in this week’s discussion forum:

  • Explain the benefits of integrating the IT / Security strategic plan with the enterprise strategic plan and the business units’ strategic plans.  What can happen if this doesn’t occur?
  • On page 74 of the Security Strategy book, there are 12 questions you should consider before starting a strategic plan.  Pick three of these to discuss on the week 4 discussion board.  Why are these questions important?  How do they assist in the development of the strategic plan? [Try not to repeat questions used by other students.]
  • The text mentions a “catch-ball” phase of the planning process.  Research this an provide an explanation of it in your own words.  How can this be used by an organization?
  • The bottom of page 75 provides some guidelines in the planning process.  Explain them in your own words.  Why is it important to address these? What happens if they’re not followed?
  • The book states, “Goals are formed using SMART or SMARTER.” (p. 83)  Explain this in your own words. Use at least one outside reference. Include how this benefits the strategic planning process.

4-5 paragraphs answer, APA Format, No Plagiarism.

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