Executive Summary and Presentation: Workplaces Discrimination (2 pages), writing homework help

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Executive Summary
and Presentation

You work for a mid-sized company and someone in the IT
department has discriminated against, and offended a fellow employee. As a
Human Resources recruiter, your HR Director has assigned you the task of
creating a sensitivity presentation with a written report to be submitted prior
to you presenting the topic to the various IT Departments throughout the

– The work should be two pages long. 

– An example of the report; international students working in U.S.  


Your Name

ENGL 317


June 6,

·  At least two headings
and a title (Arial 14pt font Bold)

·  Bulleted paragraphs and
single spaced

·  Text—Times New Roman
12pt font

·  Headings—Arial 12pt font

·  Short introduction

·  Short conclusion

·  Block format

·  Work Cited page (MLA 7th

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