executive summary and KSA editing

Executive Summary

I am an International Business student at Towson University with a  minor in Information Technology.. Since the beginning of my college career, I have been able to maintain a good GPA. I have been able to use my educational experience and knowledge and apply it during my internship at the Commercial Attaché at the Saudi Embassy.

While interning at the Commercial Attaché at the Saudi Embassy, I was able to experience the international commerce system. It was a valuable opportunity for me to be able to gain experience and learn how the process takes place at an official level and how potential openings into trade relations could be tapped. I will be able to use this experience and information to as I begin my career in international business.

During my previous work experiences at the Al Jazeera bank in Saudi Arabia I was able to communicate with them on a one to one basis at the same time I was able to observe how business transactions worked and took place. Also having worked at the social care center for children I was able to further develop my communications skills with people and better understand them.








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