Evidence based writing

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 1500 word evidence based writing:

The review of evidence assignment requires you to review the video or transcript of a preventable death true story, comparing, analysing and reflecting on the scenario leading to a preventable death and what could have been done differently, when compared to current best practice evidence and highlight the best processes to follow as a registered nurse.

Matt was a 16 year-old who died following a simple appendectomy, the following video is Matt’s story told by his mother Heather and Karyn Bousfield, Director of Nursing, West Coast DHB. 

Examining best practice evidence, explain what ‘Don’t normalise the abnormal’ means and using the A-E systematic approach, review the video and identify the A-E “reg flag” signs of deterioration that were mentioned and how these symptoms were normalised.

 As the ward nurse looking after Matt on the night shift, highlight the importance of ‘documentation’ and provide an explanation about the nursing care requirements you would have implemented overnight, including when you would have asked for a clinical review and why? 

  Examine what ‘critical thinking’ is for a nurse and using best practice evidence, explain how Matt’s deterioration and respiratory arrest could have been prevented from a nursing perspective if critical thinking skills had been utilised.

As an almost registered nurse, reflect on what ‘Speaking Up’ means as a nurse, in the given situation and in Australia what processes and supports could you utilise, if you are concerned about a deteriorating patient.

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