ethics week 5 response 1

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i need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format

According to John Maxwell in his reflection on “Model the Way,” Proverbs 10:9 states, “The man of integrity walks securely” (NIV). In light of this, what factors make decision-making difficult?

When I apply business ethics and leadership skills, these moral values, which together define what is ethical in leadership, can become a significant worldview guiding my actions. I am learning how to be disciplined in practicing sound business ethics, keeping in mind my Christian, student, husband, father, and stepfather roles. I asked myself this question: “What qualities are encapsulated in leadership, decisiveness, and empowerment” (2017)?

Empowerment, according to our text of Inspiring Leadership, involves harnessing the power within oneself by operating with enthusiasm. Similarly, some barriers to empowerment include ego, fear, and negative thinking. The main idea highlighted in our text is understanding why empowerment is an important value, particularly in leadership. The text can help me in applying the guidelines that empowerment engenders, such as mentoring.

Decisiveness is another value of leadership that can strengthen my worldview regarding how to inspire and engender leadership. According to Viktor Frankel, “In the end, education must be education toward the ability to decide” (Fisher & Martini, 2004). Therefore, decisiveness is the ability to look for a win-win, according to Stephen Covey. Stephen Covey explained this win-win idea with the Nike marketing slogan of “Just Do It!”. Frankel explained that few of us make important life decisions decisively, as we lack the backbones needed to stand behind our decisions. Frankel explained that in these circumstances, it is important to follow one’s intuition and to allow one’s conscience to act as a guide in the decision-making process (Fisher & Martini, 2004).


Fisher, R. S., & Martini, P. J. (2004). Inspiring leadership: Character and ethics matter. King of Prussia, PA: Academic Leadership.

What qualities are encapsulated in leadership? Decisiveness, energy, focus. Empathy, honesty. Accountability. Some would argue, humility. Such a profile might run. (2017). Newfoundland Quarterly, 110(3), 2.

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