Ethics and International Business

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Assignment #4

WEEK FOUR: Ethics and International Business

Chapter 6: Global Business Practices; Review Cases 6.1, 6.2.

Assignment – Be prepared to answer these questions:

  1. How does the term “sweatshops” carry such heavy emotional baggage? How has reform had an effect on this term and its stained image? Has regulation helped?
  2. Compare the Adeney article and Case 6.2 : What will you do? Is there a balance?
  1. Abide by host country standards?
  2. Abide by standard of your own country?
  1. Name 3 risks to be considered doing business internationally.
  2. Define free trade and fair trade – how do these differ? How do they frustrate each other?
  3. Where does the “power of the markets” intersect with our Christian social action to unshackle the golden handcuffs of fair trade?
  4. Review the following article: Would you support working in an underground economic market to empower and support those unserved by their present market structure if the government overseeing the public market is correct and demands bribes and kickbacks? Why or why not?

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