Essay Writing and Thesis Statements

For this assignment (AND each subsequent weekly writing topic assignment), write THREE paragraphs:

1. Paragraph one summarizes the assignment; this describes the main points of the media: articles/videos/ powerpoint, etc.

2. Paragraph two is your response: what you learned, how it could influence your writing.

3. Paragraph three compares and contrasts how the topic is discussed and explained in the different media formats.

YouTube URL:

Watch these two videos:

  1. Writing an Argument Thesis Statement from English Class 212
  2. How to Write an Effective Essay from Eng Vid (above)

Read two articles:

  1. Essay Structure from Harvard University
  2. Thesis Statements from the UNC Writing Center

Watch these two Powerpoints:

  1. Thesis Statements – what not to do.ppt
  2. thesis-3power point.ppt .

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