ESL 262 De Anza College The Great Depression Midterm Exam

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Hello Students,

If you are reading this, that means the midterm is available now– yay! You can choose whether you want to use the PDF or PPTX that I emailed to you, or you can use the link below to access the midterm: (Links to an external site.)

Please note the link above is not edit-friendly. This means if you decide to use the link to access the midterm, you must go to “File” –> “Make a copy” –> “Entire presentation” in order to edit the file directly with your answers.

I understand it can be challenging to “write” onto a PDF or PPTX, so feel free to be creative in how you choose to write your answers– you can delete the wrong answers, you can highlight the right answers, you can make a check mark onto the right answer, you can put a circle or underline or box around the right answer… it is up to you.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to indicate the right answer as long as it is obvious to me that you have one answer choice. If your submission does not clearly indicate the right answer, I won’t be able to give you points. So, please avoid using ambiguous or vague ways to show your answer to the question.


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Midterm Exam


1. Try your best.

2. Read the article.

3. Follow the directions of each section.

4. Answer the questions in each section

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